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My hobby as a young man led me to the amazing and ever-changing world of photography. I've enjoyed shooting weddings as my primary occupation, for many years now.  I'm son, father, husband, brother, friend, I'm Jay Caballero. With the addition of a woman's touch and point of view, we have managed to provide great customer service throughout the years. Our philosophy is great imagery, but more than that how you connect to the image, and how you remember that moment, how did we treat you and made you feel. Come see how this husband and wife team can be of amazing benefit to your wedding. Thanks for visiting Lupita & Jay Caballero.

1. How much do you charge?

Wedding Collections starting at $2995, well equipped $4995 and up. Sessions start at $495.

2. Do you offer photo and video?

To ensure that you get our undivided attention, our main focus is photography, but we work closely with a few videographers, so we can present to you those options.

3. How do I book Jay Caballero for my wedding?

Booking can be done, by phone, email, or in person, most of our collections require 30% to book the date, then we can divide the difference into monthly installments.

It is said that when a house is burning the first thing people rescue besides there loved ones,

is their photos. How much are your memories worth?

"Don't chance you wedding day, get experience with a side of awesomeness"


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